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This page will be the starting point for information available on this site on the Bangor & Aroostook Railroad. In order that search engines will index this site appropriately (and users of those search engines will find the information they expect), we've standardized on the assigned reporting mark of BAR, even though we realize that most folks who live/lived in the area served by the railroad referred to it as "The B&A".

NOTE: We intend to incorporate a large amount of scanned data in this site. Since this site is not funded by a major business, we operate on a limited budget and we do not want to charge for access to this site. This translates to a limited amount of space for storage of such documents. In an effort to get the most out of the available space for the site, we have decided to forego the use of Adobe Systems' PDF document format because this document format requires a lot of storage space. Instead we will be using Algo Vision LuraTech LDF document format. (By comparison a PDF of the April 1982 BAR ORER requires 7.5MB while the LDF equivalent is only 678KB -- 3 orders of magnitude less!) LDF document viewers are available as free plug-ins for Internet Explorer 5.5 or greater and Netscape (Windows or Macintosh versions) from Algo Vision LuraTech's web site by following this link. Look down near the bottom of the page in the section labeled LuraDocument.

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